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A conviction based on the concept of shared values:
Aware of its civic responsibility, the SMH devotes enough of its time, effort and resources to extra-financial issues (Environmental, Social and Governance – ESG). Efforts that benefit:

  • The national economy as a whole, local companies, Mauritanian people employment (local content);
  • Ethics and good governance of extractive industries (EITI);
  • Preservation of the environment in the areas of its activities (Environmental Committee); and
  • Company’s employees and staff (SMH Association)

Efforts to Promote Local Content

SMH is fully committed and actively contributes to the development of the national strategy for improvement of local content in extractive industries. SMH works with, advises and encourages its partners to agree on and implement plans and programs for the training and recruitment of local capacities and to contract with local registered companies for as many services, supply and works as possible.
Once the national strategy adopted and its implementation tools put in place, SMH will see its role in this respect reinforced.

Efforts within the framework of the Environmental Committee

SMH is an active member of the National Committee for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and systematically feeds the database of this committee with all the information related to the production and exportation of hydrocarbons in Mauritania, in quantity and in values.
SMH declares, as per the requirements of EITI, and formally submits to the National Committee, all payments and incomes pertaining to its upstream activities.

Efforts within the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

SMH coordinates the activities and is in charge of the Permanent Secretariat of the Environmental Committee, which constitutes a forum of exchange and action among the interested parties of various Government Departments. This equally provides a framework for oil operators intervening in the implementation of the principle of precaution, prevention, monitoring and management of environmental risks related to research, development and operating activities in Mauritania.

Efforts to support and train the social, cultural and sports activities in favor of SMH Human Resources

SMH has encouraged and supported the setup of the company’s Association. It contributes to the funding and sponsorship of social, cultural and sportive activities organized by the Association.