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SMH Mission and vision

About Us

Our Mission

According to its Statutory Texts, SMH has the mission to:

  • Undertake all oil and gas activities: exploration, appraisal, development, production, storage, transportation, processing, refining, transformation, marketing, exportation, importation and distribution of raw, conditioned or refined hydrocarbons, as well as their byproducts, and thus all over the Mauritanian national territory and within the Economic Exclusive Zone;
  • Construct, exploit and manage all infrastructures related to Hydrocarbons or to their transformation;
  • Contribute to secure the national market’s supply in petroleum products;
  • Exercise all petroleum and para-petroleum services’ activities;
  • Represent the State and manage its participations in the Hydrocarbons contracts; and
  • Provide the technical assistance to the State and to third parties.

Our Vision

SMH aspires to be an integrated National Oil Company of high technical excellency, efficient and committed, carrying out exploration, production and valorization of hydrocarbons’ resources to the benefit of the Mauritanian Nation in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way.

Our Culture

At SMH, we promote honesty, integrity, professionalism, rigor, respect and equality.


The SMH company puts forward the following values:

  • Social and environmental responsibility;
  • Skills and talent acknowledgement;
  • Technical and managerial efficiency;
  • Win-win partnerships;
  • Loyalty ;
  • Ethical and regulatory compliance.