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Commitment of the General Management in the scope of QSE

Commitment of the General Management in the scope of QSE

Our decision and our commitment for the  implementation and maintenance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems within SMH  stems from  a deliberated choice  emanating in first instance from our willingness to:

  • Fully and continuously satisfy all the requirements and expectations of stakeholders or interested parties, regarding the quality of deliverables, products and services provided by the different company’s departments;
  • Foster and sustain  the culture of health and security at the workplace, with the goal to create the healthiest  possible professional conditions  and with “Zero accident”;
  • Respect and safeguard the Environment and always comply with relevant legal regulatory texts.
  • The System implementation approach will be gradual, but firm

It will be gradual  so as to allow  everyone to  have the adequate  time to understand its stakes and goals, and to actively and effectively contribute to its implementation, and

Firm because we will maintain the momentum with the goal to improve the System through regular evaluation mechanisms to address any deviations and shortcomings.

More specifically, the implementation of the Quality Management System will constitute an appropriate mean and framework for the company to improve its performance and achieve the objectives assigned. Such a performance will be the guarantee of optimization of resources and means, and the pledge of credibility necessary in an increasingly competitive and precarious economic environment. Thus, we mainly strive to:

  • ·        Improve the quality at all levels within the company, in order to maximize the satisfaction of stakeholders;
  • Master the processes, resulting from the statutory missions and the operational aspects of the company’s activity, and this, through the definition, the dissemination and the application of operating rules optimized for each process. These rules will of course take into account the Health and Security of workers as well as the respect of Environment.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of each department of the company, in an overall dynamics, oriented towards the achievement of specific and global objectives.

To this end, we are committed to deploy all possible efforts to make  the appropriate decisions and to mobilize all the necessary means, especially in order to:

  • Provide adequate training to employees who do need it;
  • Acquire and make optimal use of the appropriate equipment, materials and tools;
  • Maintain, and adapt, whenever necessary, the management for the purposes of effective monitoring of the implementation of the System.